Arm Training 2/20/2019

Arm Training 2/20/2019

Brandon Garner

Arm Training 2/20/2019

Written by Brandon Garner
CEO Phantom Nutrition

Warm Up Sets:

Bicep Curl Machine - 3x12
VBar Tricep Press Down - 3x12

Working Sets:

EZ Bar Preacher Curl - 3x10-12
EZ Bar Skull Crushers - 3x10 | Superset w/ Close Grip Press - 3x10
Standing Dumbbell Curls Tri Set 3x30
(10 Reps DBs touching, 10 Reps Hammer Curl, 10 Reps Wall Curl)
Straight Bar Tricep Cable Press Down w/ Drop Set - 3x12,10 on drop set
Straight Bar Standing Curls w/Drop Set - 3x12, 10 on drop set
Overhead Tricep Single Dumbbell Press - 3x8-10
Finisher - Rope Cable Curl 3x12

Training Tip:

Focus on full contraction on each rep. Pinch your shoulder bladed back and curl/press with as little momentum as possible. Momentum CAN be used to finish out a set when trying to get a few extra reps. PUMP as much blood into the muscle as possible!

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